Very Stoked to announce: 

The Secret Voice v2 #1 Now Available!

My webcomic The Secret Voice now has a fancy FULL COLOR print edition on beautiful, Hi-Brite newsprint! The 2 color, gold & burgundy risograph covers were printed by Mission Risoplex/aka Same Hat’s Ryan Sands. This is slightly bigger than your average comic book - “Golden Age” format pages (7.37” x 10.63”) so you can really soak up the art and story. I like the webscroll format, but the print version is how it was intended to be read.  There’s 42 pages of Secret Voice content, and the 5 page “I heard you were around” between chapter breaks.  All for 8 measly bucks! Head over to Study Group Comics to pick up your copy nowwwww!

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    You should buy this comic. It is a good comic.
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    mm nice!
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    Well doesn’t this look pretty dang rad.
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    Zack Soto! Finally got this in...Bergen St Comics shop last night
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