From: Journey Into Mystery #648 (on sale January 30, 2013)

Today’s lesson: Don’t mess with Sif. 

Can we talk about how great Jordie Bellaire is for a second? Look at that top row of panels. See how she breaks up the rhythm by switching from that vibrant blue to a dull brown? By switching up the color, she makes you stop and figure out what is different about that panel and then we’re back to it. Thock-thock-thock-thock-ewwwwwww-thock-thock-biiiig panel.

Had she left the backgrounds the same, even with the lessened movement of Sif, they’d all have the same temporal weight, and it would be a lot more dull of a sequence. I don’t know if it was specified in the script or what, but dang, it’s good storytelling.

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    Damn it. Now I have to go and burn all my panel breakdowns.
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    I need to pick up Journey Into Mystery again.
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    The local shop is out of copies, god damn I’ve been missing out.
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    Seconding Danny.
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    THIS is why colorists matter.
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    Can we talk about how great Jordie Bellaire is for a second? Look at that top row of panels. See how she breaks up the...

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